Animation is a simulation of movement of still objects through the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions. This visual technique provides the effect of an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision. Animation essentially implies infusing life into a still object on screen to make it movable and live. Though it can be created and demonstrated in several ways, the most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program. In this day and age, animation is widely used in every segment and industry such as advertisements, films, games, media, medical science, engineering, etc.
The animation industry in India as well as across the world has a lot of job opportunities being offered, especially in recent times, with the awareness and presence of animation courses across India. At Picasso, you can choose from a wide range of programs in animation, multimedia, web designing and advanced animation. Even our short term course can land you into a immediate job. Moreover, there is a bright prospective career awaiting the animation and multimedia professionals in various sectors like television, mobile software development, advertising, online & gaming industry, Hollywood, architecture, mechanical industry and entertainment. Hence, the scope of making a career in the design, animation and multimedia industry is huge and unlimited due to its widespread usage.
Yes, of course! The animation and multimedia industry is essentially looking at a candidate’s Creativity skills as they are more important than the drawing skills. Moreover, once you clear the entrance test and get admitted in a program, Picasso provides you with a foundation course in Sketching & Drawing to hone your drawing skills.

If you go through the curriculum, which has been mailed to you in the 1st and 2nd semester we train you in Art & design.
Picasso offers the most functional variety of programs in Animation and Multimedia keeping in mind the present and future requirements of the industry. These programs range from full-time degree courses to specialized programs in animation, and game design and also the short-term certification programs for the working candidates. We have designed all the programs keeping in mind the different perspectives and needs of different candidates. Therefore, these courses cover all the types, viz. degree, diploma, PG diploma and certification. For more information on the programs, click here.
The program curriculums at Picasso Animation College have been designed keeping in line with the global industry needs and standards. The Certification, Curriculum, and Training methodology are recognized across the world, while the faculties are internationally acclaimed. Our full-time degree programs are also UGC recognized. The state-of-the-art infrastructure is another USP that provides the students with the latest advancements in the field of animation and multimedia. Moreover, the placement record at Picasso speaks volume for itself, being constantly more than 100%. Picasso graduates are working in some of the best studios like Crest, Rhythm & Hues, Xentrix, DQ Entertainment, Anirights,etc.

Picasso's well proven and Unique framework that has Learn, Explore and Do approach is iteratively applied to give a better re-enforcement to creative skills systematically.
Singhania Univesity is offering the relevant industry course, i.e., B.Sc. in Animation Film Making, MSC in Animation and Gaming, MSC in Multimedia from prestigious Singhania University, which is UGC approve first state university of Rajasthan. Therefore, Picasso has exclusively tied up with SU for the mentioned degree program.
Picasso provides you with options for both full time and part-time programs. So you can select as per your particular requirements. Please call up the counselors to help you out with the latest information.
Yes, Picasso provides specialization courses for the working professionals that can sharpen their skills.
The entrance exam at Picasso has been specifically planned to check the creative levels in the prospective candidates. The exam is meant to assess your thinking approach & the method in which your ideas are put on paper. It is not a pass or fail, this assessment only helps us understand you better.
We call it the Creativity Assessment Quotient; wherein we have a set of questions which validates your observation skills, sketching skills and creativity skills.This is not a pass or fail test, .it is to enable us to know more about your creativity skills and enabling us to conclude how well you are placed to take a Degree Course .It does not require any preparation. Please visit our Campus and enjoy this Test.

01. One need to have complete passion and patience to pursue a career in Animation industry.

02. After completing the desired course, you need to join as a trainee or intern in a reputed studio for a period of 4-6 months. Normally the studio’s pick the best students for their organization subject to fulfillment of their standards, the demo reel has to be of high quality and cover all the aspects of specialization. Doing a course at Picasso, will naturally put you through these grills that by the time you attend an interview, you will be spotted for your work.

Few studio’s offer a stipend of Rs 15000 to 20,000.00 once the employment is confirmed the remuneration will be subject to employer based on the level of employment. You need to understand the salary depends upon the performance, commitment, experience, studio, projects, etc. Better the experience Higher the salary.

03. If you are enquiring for the term “Guarantee”, we need to understand your question more clearly. There is no doubt about stability; we are in the field of Entertainment, education, technology, science, which are evergreen industries.