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Can creative courses be done by candidates from non art background?


Yes, Creative courses can be done by non-art background candidates. This question is pondering many students from different walks of life. Let’s look at some of the facts before we start answering this question.

The human brain is designed to remember and process images and pictures only. Let’s take a small test. Can you imagine what would 2 X 2 = ?. Now, are you seeing ‘2 ‘, ‘ X’, ‘2’ as an image and your brain is panning out an answer ‘4’, which is again an image seen in your brain that is seen by your inner eyes?

Now advanced research has led to this realization that human brains are most efficient in processing patterns and our memory is full of patterns that are made of images and nothing else. Fundamentally we are wired to think Image and Image and Image only!

The human brain uses a group of images stored in memory to simulate a situation, these images are used internally to animate many situations in our deep thinking depending on the level of communication we require. For eg., Imagine a day where a stranger happened to approach you and asked you for directions of an address you are well aware of. Your brain is so quick in mapping images and effortlessly converting to word images that help you narrate the address the stranger is looking for

Creative education such as art or music is not part of our education system, our brain is not nourished enough with these skills during our upbringing. The mind lacks the training to build and apply these skills as a natural act. While creativity is still an inborn talent of every creation on the earth.

Art and Creativity

Many people have this misconception about art is creativity, but art is just a form of expression of our creativity and a type of skill, what is still inherent to us is creativity. Once we are trained on these skills with the right approach, you can pick up art very easily

Technology aids you in putting your skills into different forms. Today technology can capture gestures to develop a piece of composed music, a command to perform tasks and gestures are used for communications. Technology to express artwork into designs, animations and visual effects are so advanced, one can completely be dependent their creative skills and art just need not be known

ADHD kids

We all know that ADHD kids have focus deficiency and lack emotions. One of the most important things you need to be creative is to have emotional intelligence. But At Picasso, we trained some of the ADHD kids who have gone on to become graphic designers and they have shown leanings towards developing images and many times surprised us with the change in thinking they have brought in by just undergoing a modular training on creativity with us.

Finally, I would like to emphasize on the approach of the course. At Picasso, the curriculum is well planned and is re-enforced with art, design and technology that anyone with a good focus to learn and prepare well-investing quality time, he/she can be trained to pick up creative skills at ease.

Picasso due to its vast experience in the creative training industry has taken care of so many aspects of teaching that is made simple and doable by anyone from any walk of life. You just need to have the passion to do it.