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Rittesh Beotra

Managing Director

Few Words From Our Managing Director

One of the key things that are important in education industry is the past performance and the consistency and experience that they bring in due to their legacy. Our passion in this field and our past records of performance and lessons learnt helps us put any student through a blended learning experience of "Fine of the old" and "Best of the Future".

We owe to ourselves that in any given condition our technical team is well equipped to be competitive due to our unique strategy and research oriented approach to handle cutting edge technologies in the field of Art & Design.

Picasso, is a well known name across India and over the international borders. Our ethics in serving openly to enthusiastic scholars from all walks of life is been our hallmark. We have worked with various scholars who have special challenges such as ADHD syndrome, autistic kids, scholars with social challenges, extroverts and various background and made them all part of our family just because they have one goal and that is to be creative. 

Being in the creative education and production industry our Board of Directors are well qualified and come from diverse creative backgrounds that add value and versatility to the design of programs and educational products.
Our Board of directors has solid technical backgrounds to innovate, research and design right products in education and production of creative content.
I would welcome you to join our esteemed college to have a well planned career in this highly challenging and widely used skill market. I wish you all the best in your future endeavor


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