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Unity Fundamentals


SIX MONTHS - Fees : 75000


Become Unity certified from Picasso Animation College and show the big brands you have the Unity skills they are looking for. Execute the brilliant idea of a game in your mind with this course and enhance your knowledge of game design and programming against a benchmark of proficiency and earn a professional credential to help communicate your abilities to employers.


What you'll learn - Course content

  • Unity interface overview
  • The unity game development pipeline
  • Unity project management
  • Unity scene building
  • Import 3d models in Unity
  • Creating and using materials
  • Importing and using textures
  • How to access game object
  • Introduction to sound in unity
  • Introduction to physics in unity.
  • Introduction to collision detection in unity
  • Introduction to triggers in unity
  • Introduction to prefabs in unity
  • Introduction to animation in unity.
  • Introduction to animation parameters
  • How to get keyboard input in unity.
  • Move a game object with keyboard keys
  • How to make follow the player using rigid body physics
  • Intro to unity asset store - types of assets
  • How to move and animate a 3d character unity.
  • Difference between update and fixed update
  • Adding skybox in a unity
  • Scenes management in a unity.
  • How to save and load data in unity.
  • How to detect mouse click or touch on a game object.
  • Introduction to lighting in a unity.
  • How to shoot bullet and kill enemy.
  • Intro to terrain
  • Introduction to UI in unity